What Is a Domestic Cat

Some people might get confused by the term “domestic cat.” By definition, a domestic cat lives in a house. However, there are many other domestic cats.

You can have a purebred or mixed breed domestic cat. They may live with you on a farm or house, or they could be roaming the streets as a feral or stray cats.

Millennia at the Making

Through selective breeding, domestic and domesticated cats have created thousands of years ago. Domestic cats, also known as big cats and wild cats in the past, were bred to be free of these “wild” traits.

Domestic Medium Hair

Charles Darwin, the biologist, coined the term artificial selection. It is a method used by humans to create new species with desirable traits. Breeders choose two parents with desirable characteristics to produce offspring with the desired features.

Domestic Shorthair

Today’s cats are descendants of the original cats from Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. All cats can be called “domestic” without regard to their breeding.

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Mixed-breed cats

mixed breed cat is any cat with unknown origins and different body types, colors, and coats. A Siamese-mixed cat is, for example, a cat that looks much like a Siamese cat. A cat with markings similar to another is considered a mixed breed unless it has a long line in genealogy and is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association.

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Purebred cats

The Cat Fanciers Association is the main registration body for pedigreed cats in the U.S. This organization recognizes 42 breeds such as Siamese and Persian cats, Maine coon cats, and Bengals.

The International Cat Association recognizes 71 different breeds, from the ancient Abyssinian cat to the more modern “werewolf,” a wild cat derived from a wild forest cat. They are both based in the United States and host competitions.

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There are many domestic cats to choose from

There are many extra sizes and shapes of domestic cats. All the solid colors are available, as well as combinations of them all–purebred and not.

Many descriptive names can be given to domestic cats. These domestic cats can also be called ” house cats” or “alley cats,” and, in the U.K., they are often referred to as “moggies.”

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Recent Breeds

Most new cat breeds created in the last 50 years resulted from carefully planned breeding programs or luck. Sometimes, one or two kittens from a domestic cat’s litter may be so unusual that they can be used to create a new breed.

  • American Bobtail: The American Bobtail was created in the 1960s by a male brown tabby kitten. Urban legend says it results from a domestic cat and bobcat mingling on an Indian reservation in Southwest U.S.
  • American cur: In 1981, the first American cur kitten was born to a long-haired, black stray with unusual ears.
  • Cornish Rex – The Cornish Rex cat breed is the oldest. It was born in 1950 from a spontaneous mutation of a litter of Barn cats.
  • Munchkin Although short-legged cats seem to have been around for longer; the Munchkin was not classified until 1983 in Louisiana.
  • Pixiebob The Pixiebob was officially recognized as a breed by the International Cat Association in 1994. In 2005, the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) accepted the Pixiebob as a recognized breed. It is a cross between a barn cat and a bobcat.

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