Facts About Black Cats

Whether you’re a cat owner or a non-cat owner, we can all agree that black cats have the best rap.
Black cats are often associated with witchcraft, Halloween, and bad luck. But there is more to these furballs than that. Please find out the history and significance of black cats, including how they were made into Halloween icons.

The Background of Black Cats and Witches

Black cats are the ultimate Halloween icon and the most popular costume choice for elementary-aged girls in their first year at college. But do you know how they got that spooky reputation?
Black cats have been associated with Satan, witches, and witchcraft since the Middle Ages. Some people even believed black cats were companions to witches or witches who took another form. This superstition led to the mass murder of black cats and sometimes their owners.
Black cats are still a symbol of all things eerie. Fear of black cats being sacrificed, many animal shelters won’t allow them to live in homes during October.

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Black Cats Can Help Your Love Life

black cat
juliaorige / Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain

Don’t be stereotypical and think of a single cat lady. Some parts of the world believe that black cats can improve your love life.
A black cat is a great wedding gift in the English Midlands of Great Britain. They are believed to bring happiness and good luck to the bride.

For instance, single women in Japan who have black cats are said to be more likely to get married.

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Black Cats Can Bring You Luck

black cat
 Pezibear / Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain

Black cats can improve your love life, boost your luck, and help you save money. In the past, sailors brought cats on ships to hunt mice and, presumably, companionship.

However, British sailors believed that a black cat would bring good fortune and help ensure a safe return home.
Pirates had a slightly more complex situation. Pirates believed that a black cat walking towards you was bad luck and that a black cat running away from you was good fortune. If a cat boarded a ship and jumped off, it would sink.
If you are not in the maritime industry, a black kitten arriving at your door means prosperity (a common belief in Scotland), and a black cat crossing your path signifies good fortune (in England or Ireland).

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Black Cats Can Resist Disease

black cat

Investigators from the National Institutes of Health found that cats with black coats might be protected against certain diseases by some genetic mutations.

The mutations are the same ones that give humans HIV resistance.
Because cats can suffer from many of the same diseases as humans, such as cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer’s, they are perfect models for studying the human condition.

Researchers may be able to learn how humans can prevent diseases by looking at how cats can resist them.

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Black Cats Can Change Color

black catpxhere / CC0 Public Domain

If your black cat has a tabby line gene and adores spending his days lazing in the sun, his fur can ride a rusty brown color. Why? The sun’s rays damage the pigment in their fur to reveal the underlying tabby stripes.


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Why are black cats unlucky?

The Norman and Germanic people believed that black cats crossing their path would bring bad luck. They thought seeing a black cat meant they would soon die. Fears about black cats spread quickly, and mass culling of black cats was soon established.

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How long do black cats live?

About 15 years

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What do black cats symbolize?

Prejudice, superstition, and bad luck bringer

Halloween or witchcraft. Black cats are a symbol of evil in Western cultures. They have been thought to be familiars to witches or shape-shifting witches. Black cats are often used as a symbol of feminism.

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What are black cats called?

More specifically, the black cat often called the “sab cat” or “sabo-tabby,” is associated with anarcho-syndicalism, a unit of anarchism that concentrates on labor organizing, including the usage of wildcat strikes.

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Why are black cats so sweet?

Black cats can be playful and affectionate, despite any superstitions. They seem to be able to form a lasting bond with their owners. They are equally loyal to their owners and will always be there to support you even when you’re at your worst.

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