Best Invisible Dog Fence Installation Companies of 2022

Although an invisible fence’s primary purpose is to contain your dog, it can also be used to give your furry friend more freedom. An invisible fence is an excellent option if your dog tends to be leashed outside in case they escape.
Although installing an invisible fence yourself is feasible, if you aren’t confident enough, you might want to have one professionally installed.

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We’ve set together our top selections for the best companies specializing in this type of work. Continue reading to find out about the top invisible dog fence companies.

Best Overall: DogWatch

Why we chose it: DogWatch, a national invisible dog fencing company, has been operating since 1990. Its excellent reputation and dedication to customer service make it an attractive choice.

What We LikeYou
  • can speak to local dealers and have them help you.
  • Outdoor and indoor solutions are available
  • The prices are very competitive
What we don’t like
  • It is not recommended to use this product with aggressive dogs

DogWatch is a national hidden fencing company that works with local dealers in the United States to install invisible fencing for your pet.

The invisible fences of DogWatch are all easily adjustable so that you can customize the settings for your pet.

All invisible fences, DogWatch included, are priced according to your pet’s needs and the size of your property. DogWatch says that this system does not recommend correction for aggressive dogs.

DogWatch’s website explains that the system uses standard batteries, which can be purchased at any retail store.

This means you don’t need expensive custom batteries to replace them. It can be used on up to 200 acres. This makes it an excellent option for both large and small properties.

Local dealers will help you choose the best training plan for your pet to smooth the transition to invisible fencing. You can be convinced that your investment will be protected with a lifetime warranty on all purchases.

Best Remote Monitoring: Invisible Fence

Why we chose it: Invisible Fence is a remote system that protects your pet. It also offers remote monitoring, so you always know where your dog is.

What We LikeYou
  • Remote monitoring system
  • The boundary begins at the wire. Great for smaller yards
What we don’t like
  • Is that it available in all states

Invisible Fence has a history dating back to 1973. There are over 200 authorized dealers in the United States.

This means that you can get your invisible Fence installed by someone close to you. Invisible Fence offers two levels of protection, Digital Technology and Boundary Plus Technology.

While both fences will keep your dog safe inside your yard, the Boundary Plus upgrade will give you real-time updates and track your dog’s movements to ensure it is safe even when you’re not there.

This system sends a static correction through your dog’s collar whenever your pet approaches the boundary.

This will train your dog to stay away from the edge and allow it to have up to 6 feet more space around it. It is unlike other companies, which only work up to six feet. It is an excellent option for small yards.

Invisible Fence is safe for dogs and cats. Every purchase includes certified training so your pet can use the system safely while out. Your pet’s needs are met with training.

Best Money-Back Guarantee: Dog Guard

Why we chose it: Dog Guard has been in business since 1988 and is a leader in invisible fencing. The company offers a 30-day guarantee on its products and 100 percent refunds if you are unsatisfied.

What We Like
  • “Dual-zone” transmitter
  • All products come with a guarantee
  • A wide range of accessories
What we don’t like
  • Use of the company’s batteries is recommended
  • There is limited training material available on-site

Dog Guard is a leading provider of invisible fencing, with dealers across the country. The company’s most popular product is the T-4 transmitter.

It can be used on yards up to 50 acres. They also sell transmitters that can be used inside your home to keep your dog safe (e.g., keeping them out of the kitchen).

The T-4 can be used to create “dual zones,” designed to alert your dog when it is time to turn around and correct it when it hits the second signal zone.

We like Dog Guard’s 100 percent money-back guarantee. This gives customers peace of mind that they will be compensated if the fence doesn’t work out.

Keep in mind, however, that the warranty does not include the installation cost.

Best With Cat Solutions: Canine Company

We chose it because Canine Company has been in business for over 35 years. He offer flexible solutions for every pet, including cats.

What We Like
  • Every install comes with a well-respected training program
  • Consultations are available via video chat or in-person
  • There are options for dogs and cats
What we don’t like
  • High-end proprietary batteries
  • Equipment only comes with a 1-year warranty

Canine Company has been around for more than 35 years. They work to protect your cat or dog from dangers both inside and out.

The invisible fence will give your pet a gentle correction and a tone of alarm when they approach it. You will receive a positive reinforcement training session to teach your pet how to use the barrier.

Canine Company works with cats and can help keep them out of restricted areas. This allows you to limit your cat’s access to places like the nursery and dining room without any physical barriers. Canine Company offers its proprietary batteries at $85 per four.

Final Verdict

There are many DIY-friendly options for invisible fencing, but sometimes you need a professional to do the job. DogWatch is our top choice due to its reputation and multiple options for every yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does invisible fence cost?

Cost of an invisible fence

The actual cost of invisible fencing will vary depending on the number of pets and size of your yard, but you can expect to spend between $900-$2,000 on average. Although most companies won’t provide pricing information without consulting, the initial consultation and quote should be free.

You can also find DIY options starting at $200 but not the same reputation and training as larger companies.

How does invisible fence work?

A transmitter is usually located in your basement or garage and sends a radio signal along a wire. Your pet’s Computer Collar picks up the radio signal and emits a warning sound if your pet crosses the Invisible Boundary.

Some invisible fence systems have wires buried in the ground around a defined perimeter, such as a yard.

Can a Dog Run Through an Invisible Fence?

Dogs cannot see invisible fences, so you must train them to find and avoid them. However, an invisible fence can be dangerous for your dog if it is not appropriately trained. Your dog should be warned to avoid the barrier using a static correction or a harsh tone.

Is an Invisible Fence Safe for Dogs and Cats?

An invisible fence can be an effective option to protect your cat or dog with proper training. Although there are many opinions on training dogs, invisible fencing is safe for pets. Although they cause a slight shock to your dog’s collar or correction when it approaches the barrier, it isn’t strong enough to cause injury.

How to find a break in an invisible fence?

Method 1 – Examining uncovered ground wires
Method 2 – Scanning using Radio Signals to Find a Break

How We Chose the Best Invisible Dog Fence Installation Companies?

Our selections for the top dog fence companies were based on factors such as the quality of their products and availability throughout the country.

We also considered premium features like remote monitoring.
We scored high in several categories and considered small details, such as whether you are using proprietary batteries that can only be supplied by the company installing your fence. Confirming that you are comfortable with the corrections used to make your invisible fencing effective is worth researching.

Are invisible fences cruel?

These are not suitable for dogs with high prey drives, aggressive dogs towards strangers, or anxious or fearful dogs, but any pup can have issues.

Does invisible fence work for cats

Are Invisible Fence systems safe for cats? Yes, Cats can be trained to use Invisible Fence systems indoors and outdoors. The MicroLite Computer Collar Receiver, a lightweight and highly advanced featherweight collar, is our best choice.

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