The Best Heated Dog Houses for a Comfy Outdoor Space

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If your dog wants to hang out outdoors during the cold winter months, a heated dog house will deliver them with a place to run the chill. 

These cozy outdoor homes usually feature a small space heater or heated mat, supplying heat for your pet and shelter.

As you shop for a heated dog home, you’ll enjoy considering whether you want a permanent spout made from heavy-duty fabrics or lightweight and collapsible. You can even buy a heated mat or wall heater in your existing dog house, typically a more reasonable route. No matter which choice you choose, you’ll like to ensure you select a suitable size product for your pet and that the heating is secure and trustworthy.

Here are the best-heated dog houses to add to your yard.

Our Greatest Picks

Best Overall: Dog Palace Insulated 

Best for Small Dogs: K&H Outdoor Heated Multi-Kitty

Best for Large DogsDog Palace Dog House

Best Igloo-Style: Lectro Igloo-Style Heated Pad 

Best Tent-Style: K&H Heated Pet Shelter

Best Heated Outdoor Bed: Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed 

Best Heater for Dog Houses:  Akoma Hound Dog House Heater 

Best Overall: Dog Insulated Dog House

Dog Palace Insulated Dog House with Central Heater, DP-14CH

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What We Like
  • Long-lasting and spacious
  • Nicely insulated
  • Remote-controlled thermostat
  • Built-in drainage
What We Dislike
  • Unusual barn house design won’t demand all tastes

This heated pup house from Dog Palace is your most suitable option for a heavy-duty design to support your dog’s toasty friendly. It’s prepared from vicious, durable plastic with several inches of insulation in the walls. It arrives with a central heater that can be managed remotely, permitting you to choose a temperature between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Dog Palace home has a double-hinged swinging door that permits medium and large canines to pass through smoothly, and it can also be released for training or ventilation during the summer. The increased floor and drainage system provide your dog with a consistently dry and comfortable house that comes in two colors, tan and gray, to suit your style.

Best for Small Dogs: K&H Outdoor Heated House

 Heated Multi-Kitty House

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What We Like
  • Good deal
  • Easy to create and clean
  • Removable entrance flaps
What We Dislike
  • Not waterproof

While technically created for cats, this heated outdoor house would operate well for small puppies. 

The design is crafted from weather-resistant, heavy-denier polyester and features a generous insulation layer to save pets warm during the winter. 

The house has a fleece-lined heating pad protecting half of the floor, letting your pet pick to be on or off the heat, and there are removable clear plastic flaps to protect the door openings.

This heated pet home arrives in several colors, and it’s fast and straightforward to construct without any tools. The roof zips off for manageable cleaning, but remember that it’s not entirely waterproof, so you’ll want to put it in a covered area.

Best for Large Dogs: Dog Palace CRB

Dog Palace Insulated Dog House with Central Heater, CB-59CH

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What We Like
  • Big adequately for large breeds or multiple pups
  • Remote-controlled heating unit
  • Well-insulated
  • 10-year guarantee
What We dislike
  • Costly

You’ll like a big dog house like this for large or extra-large dog breeds. The round form is almost four feet in diameter and four feet tall, providing ample space for even the most considerable dogs to move around.

 It’s created from heavy-duty plastic with several inches of insulation in all its borders. 

The heating unit includes a remote and digital thermostat that allows you exactly handle the temperature.

This big dog house is available in 2 colors, and its double-swinging door allows pets to come and go as they delight while sealing out the cold and wind. The canine house has a pitched floor with built-in drainage to keep your dog cozy, and a 10-year warranty backs the structure against breaking and cracking. It can even be removed for training goals or during the summer.

Best Igloo-Style: Lectro Igloo-Style Heated Pad

 Heated Pad


If your pup has an igloo-style house, you can heat it for them with this heated pad.
The mat arrives in small, medium, and big sizes, and its half-round contour efficiently works via the door of igloo homes and covers half the floor, letting your pet choose to be on or off the heat. This heated rug has a 66 inches power cord, permitting you to set it reasonably far from an electrical outlet. It heats up to your puppy’s temperature only when on the mat, controlling overheating. It even arrives with a machine-washable fleece covering to help maintain your dog restful.

Best Tent-Style: K&H Pet Products Thermo

Thermo-Tent Outdoor Heated

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For a heated canine house that’s weightless and comfortable to break down as required, you can’t go mistaken with this tent-style unit from K&H Pets.
It has a nylon shell held up by elastic rods, and it’s available in several dimensions to suit your pet’s necessities.
The tent arrives with a removable heated bed created from cushy orthopedic foam that warms to your dog’s body temperature when they fibbed on it.
Plus, it has a machine-washable fleece covering. The structure is easy to assemble without any instruments, but maintain in mind that it’s not weather-proof, so you’ll want to put it in a sheltered area.

Best Heated Outdoor Bed: Lectro Soft Outdoor

Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

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If you already have a puppy house, you can fit it with your puppy’s outdoor heated pet bed. The bed arrives in small, medium, and big sizes to provide any space, and it’s created from a smooth orthopedic foam base covered in a layer of waterproof PVC.
You’ll even get a soft, machine-washable fleece covering for puppies that like sleeping on smooth surfaces.
The bed is thermostatically regulated, automatically heats to your pet’s body temperature, and uses just 60 watts of power. It has a 5,5-foot power cord wrapped in steel for safety, but the brand doesn’t recommend it for dogs prone to chewing.

Best Heater for Dog Houses: Akoma Hound

Akoma Hound Heater

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Another choice for a present dog house is the Akoma House Heater.
A 300-watt heating element power this wall-mounted unit, and the thermostat includes several settings that change its warmness between 29 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
A slow, forced-air fan distributes heat throughout your dog’s space, and the unit can warm up to 75 feet, producing it perfect for large dog houses.
The unit includes a chew-proof power cord covered in a stainless steel spring, and a warmth shield maintains its wires and internal features away from your doggy.
The heater is easy to install on the flank of your dog house, and the label even offers a mounting frame that lets you use it in an igloo-style home.
The regular unit has a 6-foot power cord, but the label also proposes models with a 10-foot cord and optional Bluetooth controls.

Final Verdict

Your dog will enjoy the Dog Palace Insulated Dog House (view on Chewy). This giant structure features thick, protected plastic barriers and a wall-mounted heater with an adjustable thermostat. 

It has a double-hinged door for effortless access, and it’s big sufficiently for medium and large-breed dogs. 

You can fit it with the K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated (view on Amazon), made from comfy orthopedic foam and encased in a waterproof cover if you already possess a dog house.

What to Examine for in a Heated Dog House


It’s essential to select a dog house that’s an appropriate size for your dog. They should have enough room to stand up and turn around comfortably, and in the case of heated dwellings, it’s crucial that your pet can get away from the heat if required.


Heated dog houses are generally created from several materials, each offering benefits, and weaknesses. 

Some of the most enduring homes are made from heavy-duty plastic or wood. 

While these structures furnish exceptional insulation, they’re also quite heavy, expensive, and can be challenging to assemble. On the other hand, tiny, weightless houses are often created from fabric like nylon or polyester. 

These are commonly cheaper and easier to carry around as required, but they’re typically not waterproof and don’t deliver much insulation.

Heating Mechanism 

There are a few other heating tools commonly used in dog houses. Wall-mounted heaters generally use pushed air to warm up the area, and they usually have thermostats that offer you more exact control over the temperature. 

Heated mats are another popular option; they typically provide more soft warmth and less electricity, but they don’t warm up the air. Nevertheless, these are commonly more costly to buy and use, and your dog house needs proper insulation for them to be practical.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to set a heat light in a dog house?

There are precise heat lamps conceived to be utilized in dog houses, and when seated and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they’re supposed to be secure for your pet. 

Regardless, your dog must consistently be capable of getting away from the heat; if it evolves too much, it should never be latched in a heated dog house.

Are heated or electric coverings secure to set in a dog house?

Electric blankets created for humans are not secure to put in a dog house. Most of these products should not be disclosed to dampness and can be harmed by a puppy’s claws. 

Instead, you’ll like to look for a restless dog bed designed for outdoor usage.

What is a safe temperature field for a doggy house in the winter?

49 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is a safe temperature range for dog accommodation. However, maintain in mind that other dog breeds are satisfied at different temperatures; for example, a tiny, short-hair chihuahua will require a much warmer temperature than a Siberian husky.

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