The 10 Best Dog Swimming Pools of 2022

When it’s the doggy days of summer, dogs can feel the heat too! The best dog pools provide your fuzzy friends a fun spot to cool off.

After her Labrador Retriever Duke called, um, creative with a metal bucket, Ree Drummond funded a natural dog pool last year.

“Duke’s a lab, engaged, a hellion, and the dude gets hot!” Ree tells. “I wonder when he’s going to discover there are nine ponds within a mile of our home?”

If your dog devours a lot of time outdoors in the summer, a doggie pool can allow them to chill off and spend more time in nature content, healthy way.
While pups can swim in an ordinary people’s pool (if you’re comfortable with your four-legged friend sharing your space), a smaller dog pool is intended for wading and lounging.
Though they look like kiddie puddles, dog pools are overlaid in rigid PVC that can better stand up to their claws than regular plastic.
Lastly, though the pools aren’t deep, you still ought to maintain a close eye on your furry companion anytime they are in our near water to avert accidents.
We saw the best dog pools to support your pet have an amusing summer, even on the hottest days.

Our Best Picks

Best OverallJasonwell Foldable Pet Pool at Amazon

Best for Large DogsYAHEETECH Foldable Pet Swimming Pool at Amazon

Best for Small Dogs: Trixie Portable Dog Splash Pool at Chewy

Best Portable: Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool at Amazon

Best Pool Ramp: PetStep Original Folding Pet Ramp at Chewy

Best Rectangular: Kopeks Outdoor Portable Rectangular Dog Swimming Pool

Best Foldable: Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool at Amazon

Best Bang for the Buck: TantivyBo Plastic Foldable Dog Pool

Best easy setup: Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

Best Heavy Duty: Yaheetech Foldable Hard Plastic Dog Pool

Best Rectangular: KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

Best all Around: Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Wash Tub for Cats and Dogs

Best Bargain Pick: Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Best Pop Up: Pet Swimming Pool Dog

Best Inflatable: Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool

Best with Sprinkler: Morpilot Thickened Dog Sprinkler Splash Pad for Dogs and Kids

Best Overall: Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

View On Amazon

Dog proprietors adore this foldable dog pool. Why? It’s made of durable PVC material that meets stringent third-party safety standards.
The pool is wider on the base than on the sides (even still, you should make sure your puppy’s nails are cut before they go in).
It’s foldable, mobile, and has a low-side pin, so it’s as easy to empty as it is to fill up.
It comes with a hose connector to connect your hose directly to it, which keeps you from the trouble of standing around waiting for it to fill.
Its low-profile format creates it easy for pups to get in and out of the pool, and the slip-resistant surface on the bottom prevents accidents.

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BEST ALL-AROUND: Foldable Pet Swimming Pool

Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Wash Tub for Cats and Dogs

View On Walmart

This pool is sturdy once you place it up, but it always quickly tumbles so that you can carry it on the go, and it arrives in four sizes. 

Bonus: A waterline brings the guesswork out of serving it up.

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BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: TantivyBo Plastic Foldable Dog Pool

TantivyBo Foldable Dog Pool & Kiddie Pool
Amazon Picture

View On Amazon

With its low cost and large size, it is 63 inches in diameter; this pup pool from TantivyBo is a perfect option for those on the search for a budget choice.
Like other dog pools, it has a foldable design that makes it easy to set up and break down.
A 4,5 mm wide fiberboard frame makes for sturdy walls, while a PVC coating resists abrasions and punctures.
This model also contains an adapter that lets the user join a hose to the chute that leads the water to a drainage spot when it’s time to empty the pool.
An anti-skid floor makes the pool safer for puppies or children.
This pool, even available in shorter sizes, comes with a scrub brush for bathing.

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Best for Large Dogs: YAHEETECH Foldable Pet Swimming Pool

YAHEETECH Red Foldable Swimming Pool

View On Amazon

Your St. Bernard or another large breed dog will bubble away merrily in this dog pool.
The foldable pool comprises an MDF panel coated with PVC that can stand up to even the most unruly canine.
It tucks down and up quickly, but should you leave it outside, it won’t get damaged as it’s frost and UV resistant.
The pool comes with a hose adaptor to connect your hose straight to the pool, a doggy brush for bath time, and four repair patches should it ever pull.
For the best experience, be prudent not to serve it past the fill line.

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BEST BARGAIN PICK: Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Collapsible

View On Amazon

Whether you own a Maltese or a Mastiff, this foldable pool is a great pick: It comes in five sizes (Note: This price is for a medium pool).
Viscous fiberboard also creates it incredibly durable.

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Best for Small Dogs: Trixie Portable Dog Splash Pool

Trixie Portable Dog Splash Pool

View On Chewy

This pool is created of scratch-resistant polyvinyl plastic and is fit for miniature border collies and other small dog breeds. 

It has a scratch-resistant building, no-slip base, and rigid sides that are just right for pups who grow to hop in and out a lot. 

Bonus: The sides abide up even when it’s not loaded with water. 

The movable pool folds up so you can take it with you anywhere. When pool time is over, open up the wide-mouth chute cap for fast emptying.

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Best Portable: Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool

Petmaker Pet Dog Pool and Bathing Tub-Foldable with Carrying Bag

View On Amazon

This pool tucks down fast and comes with its carrying case for easy packing, but the glossy blue and red pool is so stunning that you might not mind leaving it on your property in between uses.
It has a broad mouth drain with an easy-twist cap so you can open it fast.
When it gets dirty, please provide it a fast washing with soap and water.
The large size is suggested for use by dogs up to 80 pounds.
A collapsible design and packed size push this pool ideal for camping or other remote places where the home dog might need a place to cool off.
The pool cracks down into a small size and fits inside a suitable carrying bag for comfortable transport.
With two sizes proposed, 47 inches and 30,5 inches, this pool is excellent for breeds large and small that can climb over its 12 inches wall.
Like other dog pools, it consists of long-lasting PVC and fiberboard construction with a nonslip base for counted traction.
A wide-mouth drain at the bottom of the pool quickly empties the pool.

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Best Foldable: Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool

Lunaroo Pet Pool

View On Amazon

Our tester saw this pool held up nicely to a summer full of soak sessions for her Golden Retriever and herself.
It’s available in 3 sizes and 3 color mixtures, including dark blue and green, blue and dark gray, aqua and light gray.
The sides are made from a heavy fiberboard wrapped in waterproof PVC.
The whole thing folds down for storage, so you may need to turn onto the box to store it when the summer swim season ends.

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Best Pop Up: Pet Swimming Pool Dog

With its steel hop frame, this dog pool automatically spreads to its full 42 inches or 63 inches when its adjustable strap is released, completing it more affordable to set up than foldable models.
The pool consists of ripstop oxford material with PVC support, making it tough to revolt punches from nails or teeth.
When done with the pool, make the wall on the drain edge side empty it, then fold it flat and confirm it with the attached elastic band.
It breaks down into a flat 15 by 13 inches, making it easier to store. At less than 4 pounds, it’s even a vast portable dog pool.

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Best Heavy Duty: Yaheetech Foldable Hard Plastic Dog Pool

Vien On Amazon

With a significance of more than 14 pounds, this pool from Yaheetech is one of the heavier choices on the market, but it’s even one of the more demanding pools.
It consists of thick MDF panels covered in a durable PVC vinyl coating that provides it with a sturdy, stiff structure. Strengthened edges contain tears that can guide to leaks, while its nonslip floor adds safety.
Emptying a small pool often suggests turning the ground around it into a marsh.

Yaheetech’s foldable pool comes in 39 inches, 48 inches, and 63 inches sizes and four color options. This pool contains a drain with a hose adapter for running water to a drainage area.

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How We Selected the Best Dog Pools

We utilized a variety of criteria while examining dozens of pet pools to choose our top models. A pet pool needs to be tough to prevent punctures and abrasions from dog nails, so we decided on pools with durable PVC or oxford fabric construction that could hold up to dog claws and teeth.

When choosing a dog pool, maintain these factors in mind.


You will like to choose a pool that’s the right size for your dog, but you’ll want to make sure that it holds your outdoor space.

Breed Size

While, in general, the smaller your pup is, the smaller size pool you should purchase, you should also regard your dog’s level of activity and ease in the water. 

Energetic dogs and dog breeds that are wild swimmers will be happier with a larger pool.


You may be drawn to buy a kiddie pool and save a few dollars; however, that’s an error.

It’s worth paying the money on a pool made for dogs because most are coated in a super-strong PVC material that your dog’s nails won’t stick (or puncture as quickly).


Most dog pools are foldable and easy to set up. Because they fold down, they’re easy to store in the off-season.

However, some pools require holding the hose as the pool fills.

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Benefits of Dog Pools

There are several advantages to holding a pool for your dog.

Many dog breeds like swimming, which aids stimulate them mentally, reducing boredom and the anxiety that often attends it. 

During the summertime, soaring temperatures can cause Fido to go indoors. 

A fantastic swimming pool permits the family puppy to get outside without the danger of heat exhaustion.

Swimming is an excellent activity for a pup. 

While a little pool may not be big enough for a canine to swim in, it enables play beneficial to their physical fitness.

A dog pool even folds as a bathtub, letting one bathe their dog without choking up the bathtub with animal hair.

Some of the benefits of dog pools have:

  • Reduces boredom and anxiety
  • It furnishes a fantastic place to play outdoors during the warmth of summer
  • Boosts physical exercise, which enhances a dog’s health
  • It acts as an alternative to an indoor bathtub to clean the dog
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Frequency Asked Questions FAQs

With so many choices and features to feel, there will be questions popping up while shopping for the best dog pool.

If you’re wondering what size pool your pup needs or if you can utilize an inflatable pool to bath your furry companion, then read on for solutions to some of the most popular questions about dog pools.

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How do you choose the right dog pool?

In complement to your dog’s like (or aversion) to water and the size of your outdoor area, you should pick a pool that is the correct size for your dog. Measure your dog’s length from nose to hind flank and height to determine the right pool size.

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How do you bring your dog used to a pool?

Some breeds naturally accept water, while other pups may require some persuasion. You can seduce some dogs with goodies or toys, but be mindful that some species don’t enjoy the water and may never hop in.

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Do you need a ramp or other accessories for a dog pool?

Dog pools mainly created for dogs are low profile, so your dog will be capable of walking in and out alone. 

If you expect your dog will float in your inground pool, a ramp can aid them in getting in and out. 

A few dog water playthings that float can facilitate a reticent dog to get in the water or expend more time.

If you want to maintain your pool filled for several days at a time, you may also like a shell (view on Amazon) to avoid tempting too many mosquitos, as well as a net (view on Amazon) to look out for leaves and fur important for dogs who shed a lot.

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Are dog pools suitable for dogs?

Dog pools are suitable for dogs as they present a source of play that reduces boredom and anxiety.
They also function as a means for dogs to cool off in the heat of the summer.

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What type of pool is best for dogs?

Since pups have nails that can potentially puncture an inflatable pool, look for a rigid pool with a long-lasting liner to hold up to scrapes.

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Will a dog pop an inflatable pool?

Yes. Dog claws and teeth are capable of spiking most inflatable pools.

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How deep should a dog swimming pool be?

That depends on the breed. A dog swimming pool should be profound enough to absorb itself in the water but not so deep that the dog can’t stand and keep its head out of the water.

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Which dog breeds enjoy the water the most?

Dogs that generally appreciate water include most Retriever breeds, German shepherd dogs, and some Spaniel breeds.

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