The 5 Best Cat Repellents of 2022

Whether you like to save your cat from dangerous plants and wires or expect to deter feral ones from marking your flower beds, there’s a cat repellent for every situation.

There are many options, from ultrasonic deterrents to motion-activated sensors to cat-safe bitter sprays.
Here’s our roundup of the best cat repellents to aid you in finding the best one for your needs.

Our Top Selections

Best Overall: Pet MasterMind Cat Spray

Best Spray: PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet 

Best Outdoor: Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

Best for Furniture: Sticky Paws Furniture 

Best Indoor: PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

Best Overall: Pet MasterMind Claw 

Pet MasterMind Cat

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If you’re wary of coming home to discover your favorite couch has been changed into a base post, Pet MasterMind Clow is the solution you’ve been looking for.
This non-staining spray uses natural, plant-based components to deter your cat from marking where it shouldn’t.
Its ingredients have jasmine, passionflower, and cat pheromones, so you can relax easily, understanding that your furniture is safe, and so is your cat.
Just spray it instantly on whatever item or area you’d like your cat to detour, and the product will start working immediately.

It’s equally valuable to get cats to stop marking and continue operating for several days after the initial spray.

Best Spray: PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Dog and Cat Deterrent

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If you enjoy a great deterrent in the form of a convenient spray, we’re fans of PetSafe’s SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent.
Suitable is one of the easiest and most creative ways of setting boundaries for your cat, whether you want to keep them off a particular piece of furniture or out of a specific room of your house.
This spray is motion-activated, visiting when your pet or a stray comes within 3 feet of it and spraying automatically, saving you the effort of remembering to re-spray an area to maintain your cat away.
The motion sensor is reliable, and the bottles can be cheaply replaced when exhausted.
Each bottle is suitable for 80 to 100 sprays, and the formula is odor-free.

Best Outdoor: Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

Natures MACE Cat repellent Ready-to-Use Spray Formula

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Push an outdoor repellent, like Nature’s Mace, if you’ve been having a problem with the neighborhood strays or want to maintain your cat away from a particular area outside.
This concentration can be spread outdoors and makes anything in contact with unappealing to a cat’s sense of smell and taste.
It’s ideal for lawns and yards but can also be used in a basement.
It’s safe to utilize around people and plants and is sold in ready-to-use spray bottles and larger solutions containers.
While you have to reapply for the product to stay effective, it’s an easy solution to an annoying, smelly problem.

Best for Furniture: Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

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Your cat supplies constant love and affection, but that doesn’t imply you have to adore it when she destroys that new couch with her claws.
Destructive cat grating can be your brand new couch’s worst rival, but Sticky Paws Furniture Strips are a fantastic solution.
These adhesive training helpers can safely be used on any furniture or carpet and prevent your fuzzy friend from pawing and clawing.
Most kittens hate the sensation of sticky or tacky material, so when they push to feel the legs of your couch and touch the Sticky Furniture Strips, they will be instantly turned off.
Each package includes 24 single-use strips that measure two x 24 inches.
The strips should be returned every few months and are delicate so that they won’t destroy the look of your couch. Proprietors adore this product because it’s secure for furniture and cats and ultimately teaches the cat to stay away, even when the video isn’t there.

Best Indoor: PetSafe Indoor Radio

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence for Cats and Dogs

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Whether you like to maintain your feline out artist away from the front door or favor your cat not to creep into the greenhouse while the baby’s sleeping, this radio fence can assist you in put boundaries for your home. 

It’s compatible with the PetSafe receiver collar to remind your cat to remain off-limits. 

It will preserve up to 20 feet in diameter around the gadget, but you can expand the security zone with additional transmitters.

When your cat reaches within 10 feet of the device, it will transmit a tone and then a tiny stimulation to its collar to remind them to stay away.

Final Verdict

Our top choice is the Pet MasterMind Cat Spray (view on Amazon), which has a plant-based formula that brings to perform immediately. If you’re peeking for a repeller that works for cats and dogs, we suggest the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence (view at Chewy).

What to Look for in Cat Repellent


When buying a cat repellent, you’ll first enjoy considering whether you need an indoor or outdoor product or one that can be utilized in both places. 

Certain products can just be operated indoors, and others may require to be plugged into an electric outlet.

Coverage place

Are you pushing to maintain feral kitties out of your backyard or just stretching to keep your crafty kitty off the kitchen counter? Some cat repellents are created to cover small spaces of a few feet, while others can cover 5.000 square feet or more. 


Imagine you’re utilizing a cat repellent to deter a specific behavior, such as scratching furniture or chewing on houseplants. In that case, you may like a product specially tailored to your situation. 

For instance, there are muggy sheets you can set on furniture or foul-tasting sprays to aid protect your plants.

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